Ayala Malls Trick or Treat 2019 | Have a Shrieking Good Time

Halloween Trick or Treat is one of the things I anticipated ever since I became a mother. It excites me every time I think of how cute Nathan will look like wearing a costume, a DIY costume or even a ready-made costume!

Last year, it was not our intention to join Ayala Vertis North's event for the Halloween, it just happened that Nathan received a tiger jumpsuit from his Ninang and then I saw Ayala Vertis North's post about their Trick or Treat.

Nathan's Costume in 2018

So we went to Vertis North, but we were not informed that you have to have tickets to join their main events. So we just roam around the mall to get treats! It was still fun! But this year, I really wanted to join their event so I made it sure to get tickets for us!

To have 1 ticket for "Have a Shrieking Good Time!", you must present a minimum of P500 single purchase receipt from any Ayala Malls Vertis North outlet purchased from October 23 to 27. Luckily, my husband and I have BPI Amore Prepaid Cards. Having these cards, we have the chance to have free tickets by calling them for reservation. The first 10 cardholders to reserve for the event are entitled to 1 loot bag and 2 Have a Shrieking Good Time! tickets. 1 ticket admits 1 child and 1 guardian for the event.

Reservation starts at 11am on October 24. 2 minutes before 11am, my hands are ready to push the call button haha! And guess what? We made it to the first 10! We got 2 free tickets for the "Have a Shrieking Good Time!". We picked up the tickets the day before the event.

So the first thing on my mind was to think of Nathan's costume. I wanted a cheap and DIY costume for him, but at the same time, cute and very creative. First, I thought of Courage the Cowardly Dog. But It's hard to create Courage's costume without buying him new clothes. Nathan does not have long sleeves that will match Courage's color. I asked for suggestions from my officemates. Then one of my colleagues suggested BMO from Adventure Time. So we decided that BMO will be Nathan's costume cause it can easily be DIY.

Because of lack of time, I asked for my sister's help in creating the costume. We worked on it the day before the event (cramming ever since school days!), right after we got us tickets. We used an old box that can perfectly fit Nathan. I just bought a few and cheaper materials from the bookstore (Cartolina and colored papers)

Nathan helped to create his costume

BMO Adventure Time
This is me cramming for the costume

BMO Adventure Time DIY
DIY BMO Adventure Time

"Have a Shrieking Good Time!" held last October 27, 2019, at the activity center of Ayala Vertis North. From 10am to 12nn, we roam around the mall doing Trick or Treat! Nathan really had fun getting his candies. He enjoyed seeing other kids in costume. He even got scared of some of them!

DIY BMO Adventure Time Costume
Nathan as BMO from Adventure Time

After Nathan got his candies, we had our lunch at Katherine's Cafe beside the activity Center. Their food was so good! By 1pm we got back at the activity Center to see the events booth.

These are the following booths and activities at the event:
  1. Ben 10 Candy Caper Booth
  2. Scooby-Doo Haunted Candy Puzzle Booth
  3. Oodles of Ooze: Mad Science Try 'Em and Mix 'Em Booth
  4. Adventure Time Virtual Reality Booth
  5. Meet and Greet Ben 10 and Johnny Bravo
  6. Mad Science Special Event Show
  7. Bubble Show
  8. Best Cartoon Network Halloween Costume
Aside from candies that Nathan got from the Trick or Treat. They gave loot bags for the first 400 to redeem the tickets.

Trick or Treat
Nathan as BMO and Caleb as Spiderman

Nathan even got to meet his cousin, Kuya Caleb at the mall doing also Trick or Treat. They had these stickers all around the mall of Courage, Dexter, Scooby-Doo, and Johnny Bravo where you have to find it and take creative pictures, post it on your social media where you get the chance to win special prizes from Cartoon Network. Of course, I will not miss this chance, we took pictures on all of them!

Looks like I am having more fun than Nathan

Johnny Bravo
Meet and Greet with Johnny Bravo

Ben 10
Meet and Greet with Ben 10 

Bubble Show
Nathan experienced being inside a large bubble

After the Bubble Show, they announced winners for the best costumes. They awarded minor prizes for the non-Cartoon Network costumes. Grand winners will be on the Cartoon Network theme. Guess who won the Grand Prize! (Drum roll) Tenenenenenenene! It's Nathan BMO Adventure Time! All the cramming was worth it! I'm a proud Momma! 

Halloween Costume
Nathan as BMO and the little girl as Blossom of Power Puff Girls won the Grand Prize

We really had fun at this event! I will not be going to miss next year's event. In fact, I am starting to plan what will be Nathan's next costume! Haha!

Thank you Ayala Vertis North for this fun event. And also BPI Amore Prepaid cards because of the perks of getting free tickets for this event.

Here are the treats and prizes that Nathan got from winning

You can watch our Halloween Vlog here:


  1. tayo talagang mga mommies excited sa costume. mega-effort din ako dati for my boys. now, they decide what they want and ask minimal help from me. kakatuwa~ - Wendy

  2. Iba talaga mag-effort ang mga mommies. I love DIY costumes lalo na budget-friendly. It shows creativity. And same po tayo sa procrastinations, hirap tanggalin ��. So happy to see na nag-enjoy buong family! �� - Your Southern Girl

  3. Ang effort talaga neto momshy and so true na ang mommy talaga mas excited for their kids sa mga ganitong event... ;)

  4. The best talaga ang mga PInay Moms pagdating sa mga activities ng mga kids, A for effort.

  5. Ang galing galing this BMO!! Im sure he had a great time! I love DIYing toooo!! Thinking na nga what we will do for next year 😅

  6. Seeing his face wearing your DIY costume, I can tell that he enjoyed it! Mga nanay talaga ma-effort talaga to attend events related to their child.

  7. Nathan is sooo cute and that costume is fantastic. You guys really did a good job! I miss trick or treating when inwas a kid and it looks like yours had a great time. Till next halloween!!

  8. We wasn't able to go trick and treatin' this time because I am with two kids and hubby has work. I can't manage the two because my 3 is hard to control. :(