Singapore: Guide to Universal Studios with a Toddler

Universal Studios Singapore Entrance

Bringing our toddler to Universal Studios Singapore was quite challenging for me. It raises questions whether it's worth it or not because theme park rides are usually for bigger kids. But I realized that it's not whether or not he could go ride those attractions, it's about the memories and the new things he could experience. As I said on my previous blog on our first day here in Singapore, it's good to get a young child to experience new things. It could be the foundation for their growth development. Tickets are free for kids under 3 years old!

As much as I would love to share with you all the rides in Universal Studios Singapore, we only got to ride a few of them as my son couldn't ride on it. Accept it, we can't go on a ride with our tots for Battlestar Galactica, one of the world's tallest roller coaster. So I will share with you, what you could do in USS with your toddlers.


Though most of the rides are not for younger kids, there are still attractions in the park that you could both enjoy. At the entrance of the theme park, there is a wall where you can check and find out which rides he's allowed on. There are also maps to check where you can find those rides. So plan your trip ahead.

MADAGASCAR: A Crate Adventure

Height Requirement: 80cm and above
80cm and 122cm must be accompanied by an adult

A Crate Adventure is an indoor boat ride. At first, Nathan did not want to ride on it, but as we got inside a tunnel with a river,  he got to enjoy it as he saw Alex the rest of the main characters of the animated show, Madagascar. It felt like we were inside a Disney movie! We thought that we're gonna get wet since there was a waterfall as you go out of the attraction.

King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round

Height Requirement: No height requirement but children under 122cm must be accompanied by an adult

This is a Family Carousel, one of the famous attractions here for families. You get to ride a carousel while enjoying and listening to "I Like It Move It", a song from Madagascar movie. It feels like you are at a party with Alex and friends! Up until now, Nathan has LSS for this song!


Height Requirement: No height requirement but children under 122cm must be accompanied by an adult

This is an outdoor ride where you can ride on the back of the dinosaurs while spinning round and round! You can also control whether you want the dino to go up or go down by pressing the red button on the front of your seat. Nathan really enjoyed riding this Dino-Soarin'. Even me, I screamed every time I released the button to go down!

Treasure Hunters

Height Requirement: No height requirement but children under 122cm must be accompanied by an adult

This is an outdoor motor car ride. We waited for about 30 minutes before we could ride our car. Your little ones can "drive" this motor car as you go on an adventure through an abandoned excavation site.



Elmo and friends performing at Universal Studios Singapore

We only got to watch 2 of the shows. So my advice to you is to know the schedule of the shows and plan ahead so you won't miss any of it.

Shrek 4D Adventure

This is our first time watching a 4D show. You get to feel every scene of the film. You get wet when it rains, feel chills when they fly high in the sky and bounce whenever they bump into something. They provide 3D shades so you could feel the reality of the show. But Nathan did not like wearing the shades!

The Sesame Street Show

Watch Elmo and his friends in a Holywood theater as they sing and dance. They have really great performers! I enjoyed listening to their voices!

Picture Taking!

Who does not love taking pictures when traveling? Especially places that are Instagram worthy, like Universal Studios Singapore!

USS Globe

Universal Studios Singapore Globe

Universal Studios Singapore Far Far Away Land

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Tips for going to Universal Studios with toddlers:

  1. Before your trip, buy activities at Klook if you want a hassle-free trip.
  2. Bring your child's stroller. There's a lot of walking to do here in the USS!
  3. Bring your child's feeding bottle to avoid tantrums.
  4. Bring your own bottle of water. There are water refilling stations all around the park so you could refill yours. 
  5. Bring a face towel and fan. Singapore is not a cold country!
  6. List down all the rides that your child is allowed to ride.
  7. Plan your trip ahead. and check their website for the schedules.
We were lucky enough that there were only a few tourists when we went there. The next time we go there, we will make sure to ride all the attractions!

If you want to watch our travel vlog about this, you can check it out at here:


  1. So much fun! Always wanted to visit Singapore. I'm currently saving for my trip!

  2. i agree its the memories! i super enjoyed USS myself, cant wait to bring coco there. we went pa lang sa US California and he was already able to ride nun some rides kasi 4 na din sya, kahit yung roller coaster sa Hogwarts na sakyan nya hehehe. now he is 7 na mas marami pa sya masasakyan. super love theme parks buti game na game din tong batang to

  3. helpful guide. we didn't go to Univ Studios when we went to Singapore though:-) - Wendy

  4. Wow saludo ako sayo! I'm sure it was difficult tagging a kid along to Universal Studios! Good tips you shared too - especially listing down the rides that kids can do. :) Excited to read more about your travel with your family :)

    - Hazel |

  5. So much and I admire you kasi you can travel with a kid. Ako parang sobrang hassle since my son keeps on running around lang. Ayaw magpics whatever. Need pa utuin.
    I wish we can visit the Universal Studios too.

  6. I love your pictures! Mukhang mas masaya magtravel sa mga theme parks kapag may bata. Babalik ulit akong Singapore pag mommy na ko HAHAHA!

  7. Ganda ng mga pics! Kapag nagpunta ako Singapore punta ako Universal Studios kahit walang kasama bata. GUsto ko kasi napunta sa mga theme parks. Hehe..

  8. Wow!! Love your photos! I've been to Singapore once but Universal Studios weren't there yet. You and your family look really enjoyed. Sana makabalik aka at makavisit sa Universal Studios, ang ganda!!

  9. Glad that you and your toddler were able to enjoy universal studios! Maybe when he's a bit older you guys could come back for the big kid rides! That's exciting. 😊😊

  10. Yun habang binabasa ko to, mas lalo ako nalungkot for my cancelled trips. Pero I promise to do this after lockdown, matagal ko pa naman naiplano Singapore ko :(

  11. Sa sobrang ikli ng visit ko sa USS, Shrek 4D adventure lang nagawa kong activity, the rest picture taking nalang. I went there alone kasi. lol

  12. nice post! i am also planning to do a Singapore travel guide soon

  13. Sana makapunta din kami dito with our toddler. For sure ma-eenjoy niya to. Thank you for the guide di na kami mahirapan in the future. :)

  14. Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.