Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom and Baby

I remember when I gave birth to my firstborn, I was not able to prepare our hospital bag beforehand. My due date with him was supposedly October 12, but I gave birth to him on September 18. Almost a month earlier. So my mother prepared everything while I was already in the hospital during my labor.

To prevent this from happening, it's best to prepare your hospital bag around the 7th or 8th month of your pregnancy. Your baby might want to see you earlier than expected just like Nathan! 

Packing your hospital bag early will ensure that you won't forget important stuff for you and your baby. It also allows you to bring anything from home that will help you relax during labor and after giving birth.

So I prepare a list of everything you might want to include in your hospital bag for you and your baby

Hospital Checklist for Mom and baby

What To Bring For Yourself

  • Important Documents. Do not forget to bring your ID, PhilHealth ID, Insurance card, Health Card, Birth Certificate (just in case), list of current medication, or any documents that the hospital might need.

  • Comfortable clothes. Bring loose-fitting clothes. Comfortable nightgowns or pajamas during nighttime. You might also want to bring a nursing dress/top if you are planning on breastfeeding, which I highly recommend. If you are planning to have a C-section, don't forget to pack a support post-surgery belt. Bring also a going-home outfit that's also comfortable like loose shirts and leggings. 

  • A pair of non-slip socks or slippers. This will help you avoid accidents when walking around your room. It will also help you keep warm at night

  • Cellphone, Camera, and Charger. When social media is your life like me, you don't want to forget to bring these items. It will help you to get in touch with your friends and loved ones and keep them updated on your status. Also, taking lots of pictures of your newborn is a must! I also suggest having a charger with a long wire or an extension cord.

  • Breastfeeding pillow. Believe me, this will become your best friend when it comes to breastfeeding your baby. It gives you comfort and also helps you position your baby at a right angle.

  • Manual breastfeeding pump. Most new moms are having a hard time producing milk after giving birth. This will be helpful in stimulating your breastmilk supply while the baby is not breastfeeding on you

  • Sanitary Napkins. It is normal to bleed after giving birth (for normal delivery, less bleeding I think for C-section moms). You might want to bring heavy-duty sanitary pads as you will need to replace them at least every 2 hours. But the bleeding will eventually lessen after a few days.

  • Toiletries. Most hospitals usually provide toiletries but are still limited. Don't forget to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, facial wash, moisturizer, lip balm, wipes, hair brush, and ties.

  • Books. If you want to be away from social media and don't want to use many gadgets, you might want to bring your favorite book or anything that will help you pass the time during labor and after delivery

  • Credit Card and extra cash

  • Covid Vaccination Card

What To Bring For Your Baby

  • Newborn Diapers. Not all hospitals provide newborn diapers so I suggest bringing these for your baby

  • Receiving Blankets / Swaddle. Swaddle helps calm down the baby and it will help you easily cuddle your newborn

  • Set of baby clothes. Bring 0-3-month-old size newborn clothes. A newborn baby easily gets cold so don't forget to pack mittens, booties, and bonnet. Don't forget to bring your going home outfit!

  • Do not bring feeding bottles. Most of the hospitals in the Philippines no longer allow bringing of feeding bottles. They want to ensure that there is adequate nutrition for infants so they promote breastfeeding.

  • Do not bring "Bigkis". Pediatricians do not recommend the use of "bigkis" as this obstructs an infant's breathing

What Your Partner Or Guardian Might Need

  • Phone / Tablet / Laptop / Books. Anything that will keep them entertained during your delivery.

  • Set of Clothes. You are not sure how long you need to stay in the hospital so it's best to be prepared

  • Extra pillow and blanket. Usually, the hospital provides this also for guardians, but not all hospitals so it's best to have extra!

  • Toiletries

  • Credit Card or Cash

  • Identification Card

  • Covid Vaccination Card

There you go. Once you are ready with your hospital bag and your baby is ready to come out, you are now set to go to the hospital. Happy pregnancy mommies!


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  1. Joaquin Eli Bacod23 June 2022 at 07:38

    Thanks for sharing this mumshie . Very infomative and very helpful tlga itong check list lalo na ngayon sa ka pareho mong preggy 😍 excited na kmi makita si baby girl . ❤️

  2. Thanks for sharing this very helpful po talaga na mag prepare tayo Ng mga to especially kapag malapit na Ang due date para naka ready na. Agree po dapat talaga complete Ang documents and may mga comfortable clothes for baby and mommy and pati din Ang mga essential things para isang bitbitan na lang and Hindi na pabalik balik sa house. 🥰 So excited for your baby girl mumshie have a safe delivery ❤️🥰

  3. Thank you for sharing po very helpful and informative. Specially sa mga first time manganak para alam na nila kung ano dapat and di dapat dalhin.

  4. Thank you for sharing this momsh,very informative!!yes,agree ako dito momsh,dapat sa 7th or 8th months,dapat prepare na po lahat , important ready na tayo diyan!!lahat nasa checklist is very important sa mommy ,sa baby at sa nagbabantay sa inyo po momsh,we are so excited na makikita namin si baby girl🤗lagi mag ingat ka momsh ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Thank you for sharing this mumshie Nica,super help po nito sa mga mommies diyan.Kailangan po talaga handa tayo sa mga ganito para safe and sa hygiene ni baby and also ni mommy 😍♥️

  6. All checked!
    All organized and helpful!
    As a Mom,we need this checklist for us to have a convenient and Hassle free scenario,during our pregnancy journey to to the delivery room/ hospital

  7. Yay very helpful nito😍 thank you for sharing po.
    Relate ako dito dahil nong time din na manganganak ako i have also my checklist para walang makalimutang sa gamit na dadalhin sa hospital.

  8. prepare a sample birth certificate na din so that di magkamali sa pag susulat! at least prepared na!

  9. It is always best to be prepared. Now we know how to help our pregnant friends and what to give them as presents.

  10. ohhh, you are going to be a second-time mom soon... less apprehensive na on the second time, noh? lalo na you have learned from the first time what to bring and what not to be in excess of. nevertheless, just as exciting. take care!

  11. I was the most prepared when I gave birth to my eldest child. But when it was my bunso na, hahaha, I forgot to pack so many things, including diapers.

    Bawal na pala ang baby bottles sa hospital, which I think is ideal. Pero meron talaga na walang milk...pano yung ganun? Will the hospitals provide?

    1. May pasteurized breast milk ang hospital but they will charge you per ml. In my case nung first delivery ko, nung una wala ako milk talaga kaya we needed to order milk from the hospital, bawal talaga magpainom ng formula milk sa newborn sa mga hospital now eh. Kaya I worked really hard talaga to have enough milk supply, and luckily after few days, very abundant na ang supply ko

  12. Yes, it's best to prepare months ahead to be ready anytime. Thanks for sharing this thorough and helpful post--it's a great thing for moms-to-be, especially the first time ones.