5 Netflix Originals to Watch with Your Toddlers

Even before COVID-19 struck in the Philippines, working from home has always been an option for me since I became a mother. But it's a struggle on how to keep my toddler busy while I am working.  Thankfully, there are lots of shows that could help not only to keep my toddler busy but also help him learn a lot of things.

Here are my top 5 favorite shows to keep my toddler busy while I am working:


This is my personal favorite. My son learns lots of new words from this show. Word Party is an interactive and fun show that features 4 baby animals as they learn new words by singing, dancing, playing and doing different activities. It helps broadens toddlers' vocabulary by teaching the little viewers how to use the words in a sentence and shows pictures of them. Every episode, they feature a topic and introduces 4 new words related to the topic of the show, for example: "Parts of the Body". They also teach the viewers the value of friendship and how to resolve conflicts between little friends. It also teaches the value of time with the help of their friend "Clickety Clock". It's always worth the screen time with Word Pary.


True is an 8-year old girl that saves the Rainbow Kingdom if something goes wrong with the town with the help of his cat bestfriend, Bartleby. Together, they wake the Magical Wishes of the Wishing Tree that give her the ability to solve the problems of the town. I like this show because it teaches the kids to be mindful of our surroundings and be helpful whenever or whoever is in need.


Charlie creates fun stories using different shapes, colors and different sizes. Charlie builds different shapes of different sizes that help him solve the problems. The show is also interactive because Charlie asks or talks to its viewers directly. It's a fun way to learn new shapes, colors, numbers, emotions and many more!


The car has always been one of the favorite toys for children, even for movies, like Cars. Go! Go! Cory Carson will surely capture the young heart's attention as well as parent's attention as they feature not only the adventures of Cory Carson but also his parent's story that is also relatable to us, parents. Cory is a good role model for young ones as he is willing to learn a lot of things from his experiences.


Ask The Story Bots is one of the most entertaining and educational show of Netflix. The show features five adorable robots inside a computer and answers questions that our children also tend to ask as they grow. Parents will also get to enjoy this show because you will see some of the familiar faces as their guests like John Legend and Snoop Dogg! This is a really great way to interact with your young ones because you can also discuss every episode, answer the questions and explain it to them. The animated show is very appealing to the eyes of young kids so they will surely enjoy this and learn a lot from it.

So these are some of my Son's favorite shows on Netflix. I also like these shows because he learns many things from watching them. Of course, despite the learnings from the TV shows, our young ones could also learn a lot from us, so make sure to have time watching these shows with them so you could share your feelings and thoughts with your kids. And very importantly, too much of everything is not good, so it's also good to limit your kids' screen time and play with them also!


  1. Thanks for this list... I-share ko ito sa mga pinsan ko na mahilig manuod sa netflix.

  2. Thanks for the list. I might check out and let it watch by my kid.

  3. Ngayon lang ulit ako nakanood the mga shows for kids. I realized na ang laki na ng bunsong kapatid namin. Time to make a new baby charot. Among your list, parang pinakamaganda yung Ask The Story Bots!

  4. Ang cute naman. Pang baby talaga ano. Ei ko alam na merong mga ganti sa netfliz palibhasa malaki laki na si bagets di na maappreciate haha

  5. I'm so happy that shows like these actually exists! I feel like over time, the usual shows in disney or cartoon network don't offer any values to the kids anymore. Thank god for netflix!!

  6. maganda eto para sa mga may bulilit. noong panahon ng mga anak ko Barneys DVD at Mr. Why on Youtube, hihihi. - Wendy

  7. Good list here for my youngest son! Bad timing that my Netflix expired today, will renew tomorrow and save this list again! Thanks!

  8. Aww I'm sure it's difficult to juggle working from home and having to look after a child! Good thing you found these shows! :) Kudos to you!

    - Hazel | https://hazywanders.com/

  9. being on a lockdown with a toddler nephew and school age niece, it will take a lot of ideas to calm them down to stay at home. We knew only a few shows that would entice them, and this list will help us to create a longer list.

  10. Great post! I can share this to my titas. And will save this so I can use when I will be taking care of my pamangkins ����❤️

  11. Timely post! Since the lock down, we all moved back to my parents' home and that includes my little nephew who is very makulet and tends to hog our laptops/tablets for Youtube kids. Thank you for compiling all these!