Daphne Contraceptive Pills Review: Side Effects and How To Use It

First of all, I would like you to consult your doctor first before taking any medicines. Daphne birth control pills are prescribed medicine so you won't be able to buy it over the counter anyway.

Disclaimer: Hindi po ako doctor o hindi po ganoon kalawak ang kaalaman ko pagdating sa mga medical terms, I would just like to share my experience taking this contraceptive pills and how I use it.

Side Effects of Daphne Pills for Breastfeeding Moms


According to MIMS:

Each white tablet contains: Lynestrenol 500 mcg.
Lynestrenol (DAPHNE) is a progestin-only pill that contains very low doses of a progestin similar to the natural hormone, progesterone, in a woman's body. It consists of 28 white, round, flat, beveled edge, uncoated pill with "L" engraved on one side and plain on the other side and is intended for contraception.
Lynestrenol (DAPHNE) is a hormonal contraceptive of choice for breastfeeding women because it does not affect lactation or infant growth.


I started using this three months after giving birth to my son. But Before, I was taking Depo-Provera shot, a kind of birth control injectable that's also safe for breastfeeding mothers. I took this every 3 months. Pero ayoko talaga ng injections, so I asked for my doctor, who's also my mother-in-law, to recommend pills that are also safe for breastfeeding mothers and would not suppress my supply. Kaya nairekomenda niya sa akin ang Daphne.


Iniinom ko ang Daphne araw araw at exactly 10:00 PM, this can be taken any time of the day as long as I take it the same time every day. Tulad ng ibang contraceptive pills, every pill is marked with corresponding day of the week so you would know if you missed taking it for a specific day. There are arrows indicated in the pack to follow.

Daphne Pills


I was told that I should take the next pill within 3 hours of my normal time taking it. If more than 3 hours had passed, I take it as soon as I remember that I had missed it and will take again another one at the time of my normal time of taking it. 


  • No monthly periods! It's alarming at first but this is safe. According to MIMS:

    Lynestrenol works primarily by thickening cervical mucus (this blocks sperm from meeting an egg) and disrupting the menstrual cycle, including preventing the release of eggs from the ovaries (ovulation).

    Actually, I am enjoying not having my monthly periods because of no more pain from dysmenorrhea! I only have bleedings when I miss taking it.

  • I notice that I am having headaches every month. My mother-in-law told me that it may be a side effect and maybe this is the time that I supposed to have my menstrual cycle. I am not liking this side effect but I will still continue taking this because it's safe for breastfeeding and we don't have plans yet on having a baby again.

  • With regards to my breastmilk supply, as I said earlier, this would not suppress it. So Daphne is recommended for breastfeeding mothers. Going three years na kami ni Nathan na breastfeeding!


A pack of Daphne Pills that's good for 28 days is around P160. So very affordable sya mga Mumsh! Available at any drugstores nationwide.

So overall, I enjoy my experience taking Daphne Birth Control Pills. Again mga Mumsh, I would recommend seeking medical advice from your OB-GYN first before taking Daphne or any other birth control pills.

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Kayo mga Mumsh? Ano pong gamit ninyong contraceptive pills, or kung anong family planning ang gamit niyo? Kwentuhan naman tayo sa comment section sa baba!


  1. This topic is sensitive to some but let’s accept the fact that this is important nowadays. Let’s highlight the importance of family planning which should start on taking contraceptive pills. This can even resolve the country’s over population concern.

  2. I remember during my active clinical practice as nurse giving health advises about taking pills. It is a common side effect to have headache while under treatment, some also experienced "manas". There are many contraceptives outdoor and meeting with your OB or RHU is a must before taking one, and ethically, discuss also with your partner.

  3. I never tried having pills as I have regular menstruation. I know some friends though who takes those tabs as they have hormonal issues.

  4. Ohh nice! It’s super affordable and the side effects are bearable. Will keep this in mind if I happen to need one in the future. :)

  5. I used daphne before but for my PCOS. I am a single mom and medyo di na ko nagamit now neto momshie, but would still recommend it to others.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is a very helpful review. I forgot what I used before, thought it works naman. Glad Daphne is affordable.

  7. I used to take pills to regulate hormones. Diane makes my skin looks glowing but I eat more haha. I will try this one if I still need to take pills.

  8. When I was still practicing (RN here), some of the moms I spoke with complained about having headaches & migraine. The trick is, if you take a pill early one morning and then take one again in the afternoon the next day, it creates a "gap" between doses. This can cause a shift in your hormone levels and may prompt a headache. I'm glad that Daphne is affordable, the ones we prescribed were expensive and it's one of the reasons why others would prefer using other birth control methods.

  9. I used to take pills nung college ako para maregulate yung menstruation ko.. yun nga lang gumana ako sa pagkain at naging antukin. Medyo pricey lang yung nireseta sakin nun. 😅

  10. Hello! I also take hormonal pills but not as contraceptives but for my adenomyoma and endometriosis. May PCOS din kasi ako. I've heard about Daphne several times and ang mura niya ha! Yung Visanne, nasa 1800 for 30 days kaya I stopped. tatanungin ko nga yung OB ko if pwede rin to sakin.

    What are the side effects to you? with Visanne I gained weight.

  11. There are different kinds of pills in the market. Although I'm not really familiar and I don't take any yet. Lucky that I don't have PCOS or any health issues that would require me to take in pills. I agree that we should consult our doctor first before taking any.

  12. No period? Wow!!! If I was a girl, i would buy this ata. Hahahaha. Super affordable, need lang talaga ata ng discipline while taking. Hahahaha

  13. I, a guy, has no idea what this is but I guess moms need to use it. How are you liking it so far?

  14. I've heard about this brand before. Naalala ko someone recommended it to me pero I just wanna ask, totoo bang may side effect to nakaka-blooming? :D My friend used to tell me that there are women who take contraceptive pills para gumanda at kuminis yung skin and I remember she mentioned about Daphne.

  15. i don't use pills. i tried once after i gave birth to my first son but i had pimples so i freaked out. from then on, never did na.

  16. Hello Mumshie Nica, this is quite interesting read, I'm curious about this contraceptive pills even before but I have no time taking a look about this thingy. And now atleast I had an overview on how it is being used by a women -- a mother for family plaaning. Informative indeed.

  17. Hindi ko maalala ano tinake ko noon!!!! hahahaha!!! pero 18th month yata ni coco nun first time ako nagkaperiod uli kaya nun time na yun din ako unang nag pills. pero yung pill na take ko grabe ako dinudugo then i changed to another pill, then i stopped na. pero i think i took daphne nga din now sure lang alin sa dalawa.

  18. Woahh this is helpful! 💕

  19. I was going to take daphne before, but decided not to because I'm not so good with keeping up with the hours for meds. The only time I can do that faithfully is when I'm confined at the hospital and the nurse would come in to give me meds, haha.

  20. Depo shot ang gamit ko ngayon mommy. Regarding kasi sa oras ng pagtake ng gamot, makakalimutin ako at wala pa sa planong masundan ang aming baby girl. Haha Will go to my OB kapag 2years old na si Eisha para magpaconsult. Di ba mommy hindi rin pangmatagalan dapat ang depo? Ang alam ko may certain years ka lang dapat sa paggamit nun e.

  21. Thanks for sharing this momsh .. I haven't not yet taking any contraceptives since then . my son is turning 11mos old now . Ian wondering what kind of family planning I'm going to take and suit me as well.. I want to try that daphne pills for it is safe for a bf mom like me.but first I must consult a doctor rightaway as u say..☺️

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this. Sex and contraceptive pills are such a taboo topic in the Philippines. Coming across blogs like this truly truly gives light to this "contraversial" topic. When in fact, it shouldnt be contraversial at all. :(