Fun Activities To Do With Your Toddlers During Home Quarantine

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in the Philippines and Enhanced Community Quarantine is one of the major solutions our government has come up with to contain the virus here in Luzon. Being a working mom, I never got the chance to stay with my child 24/7 for a whole month after my maternity leave. So even if I am working from home, I want to make sure that I still make time with my child. I list some of the fun activities that we usually do during weekends and after office hours, now I can be able to do this with him even on weekdays!

Read Books

Reading books to our kids will never be out of style. It can boost their imagination and even creativity! You will be surprised by how much they will love reading books. Reading to them helps them develop their retention skill. I am sometimes amazed by how my child would start reciting - out of nowhere - stories we've read together.

Reading books is one of the fun activities to do with your toddlers, they will learn how to enjoy and love books at an early age

Cook/Bake with Them

Cooking/baking is one of the most fun things to do with our kids. There are lots of surprising benefits of teaching them how to cook. Aside from bringing the family closer, it teaches our kids to be grateful. Time and effort spent on the said activities will teach them the value of hard work. It might teach them how to appreciate the importance of appreciating the provisions we are being blessed with. You can start teaching them by making their own pizza, you can watch our vlog by clicking this link.

Baking and Cooking with your kids will have surprising benefits to the kids

Drawing or Painting

It's not a surprise that drawing or painting enhances the creativity of a child. Aside from this, children can boost their confidence. They can also learn how to concentrate and stay focus. As an art enthusiast, this activity is my favorite thing to do with my son. I can share my talent with him and I am hoping that he will love arts as much as I do.

Painting with your toddlers is one of the fun activities that will enhance their creativity

Role Play with Them

Role-playing enhances their imagination and creativity. You will also learn and be amazed by how your kids pay attention to their environment. My son loves to play being a doctor, he already knows how to use a stethoscope, apply a bandage to a wound, and knows when to call an ambulance! Sometimes he plays as a firefighter.

Watch their favorite TV shows

It's good to have screen time once in a while, especially when they get to learn things from shows or programs. Netflix has lots of educational programs that you and your children will enjoy, you can check some of my favorites here.  Of course, too much of it will have some negative effects so make sure to limit their screen time. 

Play with them

Playing is important in a child's brain development. It allows children to use their creativity and imagination. Playing teaches children how to interact with the world around them. It should not stop during home quarantine, parents should also play with their children more often. Children will feel that they are loved and cared for when their parents spend time playing with them.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Talk to your children about something that happened in the past, or something that you have done with them in the past. For example, looking at old pictures of you when you were still young or remembering your first-holiday adventure as a family. If you took videos of them, you can have fun watching it together. Ask them how they feel or what they are thinking looking at those memories. It is a healthy activity for your relationship, not just with your kids, but also with your whole family. Watch how my son loves watching our family videos here:

Household Chores with the Kids

Often times, we think that doing household chores would take away the time that we could spend with our children. But we could also use this to bond with them. We can teach them some household chores as early as being a toddler. We could teach them how to clean their own toys, organize their toy cabinet, or where to put their laundry. By teaching this, we are teaching them life skills, respect, teamwork, and responsibility.

There are a lot more activities to do with your kids during home quarantine, make the most out of it! Share what have you done with your kids or with your family in the comment section below!


  1. I love these ideas! It is only a must to keep the children busy with educational hobbies.

    1. Yes, to make this home quarantine worth while :)

  2. These are also applicable to adults like me! I'm doing these, actually. Haha!

  3. Working parent/s can now take advantage on the delightful activities you have listed above. Truly will engage the kids and foster learning, plus deepening the parent-child bond. Resourcefulness of parent/s also comes in.

  4. I'm all in for reading and drawing, etc. If I would have kids, I would do all those even without a quarantine! :)

  5. Since day 1 of our self-quarantine we were doing these activities too.

  6. I love the last one! I think it's really great to start young. This makes them think that cleaning the house and doing chores is normal and can be part of their habit. You're doing well!


  7. If I would have kids, I would do these recommendations. But I will share this article to my friends with toddlers.

  8. Great list! I'm sure lots of moms are somehow thankful they can bond more with their kids during this time. Yung mga kids i'm sure they're so happy their moms are always with them watching their fave shows, playing with them -- totally clueless about what's happening to the world. It's all about having the right perspective and making out of this situation. Let's just hope this lockdown and this pandemic will soon be over. :) Stay safe, Nica!

    - Hazel |

  9. Deep inside the kids loves that you guys are at home all bonding together. He will remember it as he grows.

  10. So many things to do and finally we have so much time! Ironic isnt it, what covid just did. Happy to have been spending these days na din with coco

  11. Great tips on what to do this quarantine days. Glad I have my nephews to do these with. Thanks for this!

  12. These are wonderul tips and you're doing such a great job. I think that your son will grow up with be a good boy who's very close with his parents! Haha

  13. true to all of these. eto pa nga siguro ang pinakamemorable time ng mga toddlers with their parents kasi hindi nila marerember ang covid pero mareremember nila mga fun things you did with them. - Wendy

  14. Before my brother and his family moved to Tallin, I used to babysit my niece and nephew during the summer and we'd do all of these activities. We're big on playing pretends and building blanket forts. How I miss them now more than ever.

  15. haha Nathan is so cute! I think I would watch that youtube video where he is watching his old videos. These are really great tips but I couldn't believe that he is already able to do chores! Amazing! Cutely amazing!