Remembering My Son's First Birthday Celebration

For us parents, one of the most awaited moment is our child's first birthday. We spend most of our time searching for the best birthday party package every restaurant can offer and looking for the best gift we could give.

We wanted to have a hassle-free birthday party. And since I am a working mom, It's hard for me to hold a DIY birthday party. Thankfully, there are lots of restaurants that offer affordable birthday party packages.

We decided to celebrate Nathan's first birthday party at Shakey's Quezon City branch. Most of our friends and relatives are available during weekends, so we decided to have this party 4 days after his actual birthday. On his actual birthday, we choose to go out on a family date, just the three of us.

Shakey's Birthday Party

So what made us choose Shakey's Quezon Avenue for Nathan's birthday party? First, the location. We live in Quezon City so it's very accessible. Second, the place is big enough to accommodate all our guests. And third, this branch has a Fun Zone where kids can play and even get prizes. Fun Zone is free to use if you book a party.

We got 2 party packages that can accommodate 120 guests! So much for the first birthday party right? 🤣 That's why I won't do that again on Nathan's 2nd birthday! 

They offer Captain Shakey's and Justice League themes. We chose the Justice League. We even match the theme by wearing Justice League shirts which I got from the SM department store.

Their party package includes the following:
  • Giant Pizza
  • Party Host
  • Kiddie Costumes
  • Loot bags
  • Balloons
  • Mascot appearance
  • Tarpaulin with Nathan's Name

Shakey's birthday package

We got Party Package for 70 people + Party Package for 30 people. So we got 2 giant pizza's!
We have lots of leftovers after the party. Some of the guests were able to take home foods. And we have 1 week supply of pizzas 🤣

For the photo booth, we booked Moviescape 2. They are also Shakey's accredited photo booth.

Moviescape 2 Photobooth with Magnet

Now, a birthday party will not be completed without a birthday cake. We got Nathan's birthday cake at Goldilocks for P2000. 


Though this party is not as extravagant as any other first birthday party, I will still treasure this moment as one of the highlights of my life with Nathan. I can't explain the feeling, the moment I helped Nathan blow his birthday cake. Time flies so fast that you can't even notice it. As I am writing this, I still feel a bit emotional remembering this moment. I guess when you become a parent, being emotional whenever you think of your child is just natural. Nothing compares to the love that a mother could give to her child. I have never felt this kind of love before. I love you my Nathan! I hope that by the time you can read this, I hope that you can feel my love for you just by reading this.


  1. first birthday ng first son ko, we had a simple celebration here in our apartment in Seoul with a few friends lang and their baby friends na laging kalaro ng son ko... then we went to Tokyo just the 3 of us to celebrate. my 2nd son naman had a big party because we celebrated with my family back in Iloilo. haaayyyy, those were the days.

    1. Masaya talaga kapag intimate birthday party lang din eh, you get to bond with your family and the closest friends lang

  2. I think celebrating a party in a fast food or restaurant is really hassle free. You just have to be there. Unlike at home when you need to cook and to clean! I actually celebrated my 25th birthday at Jollibee!

    1. First plan namin was a DIY party, but our schedule wouldn't allow it, so nahlg Shakey's na lang kami for a change, ang saya mag birthday party ulit sa Jollibee at our age. It brings back memories ❤️