Let Your Kids Experience Being a Little Pizza Chef at Pizza Hut

Mommies and Daddies, it's time to bring your kids to the nearest Pizza Hut store and let your kids experience making their own Pizza!

Pizza Hut Little Pizza Chef

Last Sunday, July 3, 2022, we had a family date at Pizza Hut Store and we found out that they offer Little Pizza Chef meal, which allows the kids to make their own Pizza. We let Nathan experience this fun activity because he likes making his own food.

Kids will get a set of Little Pizza amenities and the experience to create their own Pizza when they avail of Pizza Hut's “LPC XP Package” or the “LPC Meal”. Children below 12 years of age can avail of the promo and are available for dine-in only.

Nathan got his own Little Pizza Chef Hat and kiddie apron together with his own Pizza ingredients and raw dough

Pizza Hut Little Pizza Chef

After he finished placing the sauce, cheese, and toppings, the duty Manager assisted him and guide him inside the kitchen and he personally loaded the Pizza into the oven. This was his favorite part! He was so happy that he got the chance to be inside the Pizza Hut kitchen. But as far as I know, they no longer allow the children to put the pizza in the oven by themselves for safety precautions. The duty Manager or a staff member will be the ones to place the raw pizza into the oven.

Pizza Hut Little Pizza Chef

While waiting for his Pizza, Pizza Hut staff  provided an activity placemat so he won't get bored. The activity placemat was printed with fun activities that they can do like connecting the dots, crosswords puzzles, coloring pizzas and more!

Pizza Hut Little Pizza Chef

After 15 minutes, Nathan got his own prepared Pizza! He was so proud of himself, and of course, we are also proud of him!

Pizza Hut Little Pizza Chef

Little Pizza Chef Meal is worth P199 only! This includes

  • Personal Hawaiian Pan Pizza
  • Crispy Fries
  • Iced Tea / Lemonade

So what are you waiting for Parents? Go the nearest Pizza hut store and let your kids make their own Pizza. They will surely enjoy this activity just like Nathan!

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